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Robert Asaro

Asaro, Robert J.

Professor, SE

Composite design and manufacturing technologies for large scale structures and marine applications as well as the deformation, fracture and fatigue of high temperature intermetallics.

Yuri Bazilevs

Bazilevs, Yuri

Professor, SE and Faculty Adjunct, MAE

Design of robust and efficient computational methods for large scale, high performance computing

David Benson

Benson, David J.

Prof Emeritus, SE

Computational mechanicsand computer methods for solving problems in mechanical engineering.

Gianmario Benzoni

Benzoni, Gianmario

Research Scientist, SE

Research Scientist and Director of the Caltrans SRMD Testing Facility

Jiun-Shyan Chen

Chen, Jiun-Shyan

William Prager Chair Professor, SE

  Computational solid mechanics, multiscale materials modeling, modeling of extreme events.

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Joel Conte

Conte, Joel P.

Professor, SE

Structural Analysis and Dynamics, Structural Reliability and Risk Analysis, Earthquake Engineering

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Ahmed-Waeil Elgamal

Elgamal, Ahmed-Waeil

Professor, SE

Assoc Dean, Dean

Information Technology, Earthquake Engineering, Computational Geomechanics

Veronica Eliasson

Eliasson, Veronica

Assoc Professor, SE

Shock wave dynamics, shock, polymers, high strain rate loading.

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Charles Farrar

Farrar, Charles R.

Adjt Professor, SE

Analytical and experimental solid mechanics problems with emphasis on structural dynamics.

Patrick Fox

Fox, Patrick J.

Adjt Professor, SE

Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

Gilbert Hegemier

Hegemier, Gilbert A.

Distinguished Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering to retrofit bridges, roadways and buildings for improved public safetgy and structural performance

Tara Hutchinson

Hutchinson, Tara C.

Professor, SE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Earthquake and geotechnical engineering, performance assessment of structural/nonstructural components, and machine learning and computer vision methods for damage estimation.

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Hyonny Kim

Kim, Hyonny

Professor/Vice-Chair, SE

Impact effects on composite materials and structures with aerospace and other applications, multifunctional materials, nano-materials, and adhesive bonding.

Hyunsun Kim

Kim, Hyunsun

Professor, SE

Structural and topology optimization, multidisciplinary design optimization, multiscale and multiphysics optimization of structures and materials, optimization with uncertainties, aerospace structures, computational mechanics.

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John Kosmatka

Kosmatka, John B.

Professor, SE

Faculty, MAE

Design, analysis, and experimental testing of light-weight advanced composite structures.

Petr Krysl

Krysl, Petr

Professor, SE

Finite element computational modeling techniques for solids and structures, model order reduction in nonlinear mechanics, and computer and engineering simulations in multiphysics problems.

Falko Kuester

Kuester, Falko

Professor, SE

Faculty-Affiliate, CSE

Faculty-Affiliate, Calit2

Scientific visualization and virtual reality, with emphasis on collaborative workspaces, multi-modal interfaces, and distributed and remote visualization of large data sets.

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Francesco Lanza Di Scalea

Lanza di Scalea, Francesco

Professor, SE
Director, NDE & Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory

Health Monitoring, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Experimental Mechanics of Materials and Structures

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Kenneth Loh

Loh, Kenneth J.

Professor/Vice Chair, SE

Damage detection and localization, multifunctional materials, nanocomposites, scalable nano-manufacturing, smart infrastructure materials, structural health monitoring, thin films and coatings, tomographic methods, wearable technology.

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j. Luco

Luco, j. E.

Distinguished Prof Emeritus, SE

Earthquake engineering, strong motion seismology, soil structure interaction

John McCartney

McCartney, John S.

Department Chair, SE
Chair/Professor, SE

Thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of soils; design and analysis of thermally active geotechnical systems (energy foundations);  mechanical and hydraulic interaction between unsaturated soils and geosynthetics; centrifuge modeling of geotechnical systems involving unsaturated soils; design and characterization of alternative landfill cover systems; shear strength of geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs); and reliability-based design in geotechnical engineering.

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Gilberto Mosqueda

Mosqueda, Gilberto

Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, seismic isolation and energy dissipation systems, seismic response of structural and nonstructural building systems, experimental methods including hybrid simulation.

Yu Qiao

Qiao, Yu

Professor, SE

High-performance infrastructure materials, smart materials and structures, energy-related materials, failure analysis for engineering materials and structures.

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Jose Restrepo

Restrepo, Jose I.

Professor, SE

Seismic design of buildings for improved response during earthquakes.

Frieder Seible

Seible, Frieder

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, SE

Design and retrofit of buildings and bridges for earthquake safety, new technologies to renew the nation's aging infrastructure, and bomb blast-resistant design of critical infrastructure.

Pui-Shum Shing

Shing, Pui-Shum

Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, inelastic behavior of concrete and masonry structures, bridge structures, finite element modeling of concrete and masonry structures, structural testing, structural control, pseudynamic and fast hybrid test techniques.

Michael Todd

Todd, Michael D.

Professor, SE

Structural dynamics, nonlinear vibrations, time series modeling, structural health monitoring strategies for civil, mechanical, and aerospace systems, fiber optic sensor system design and noise propagation modeling.

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Ingrid Tomac

Tomac, Ingrid

Asst Professor, SE

Behavior of dense fluid-particulate systems; particle agglomerations; rock behavior of deep geo-reservoirs; hydraulic fracture intitation and propagation in rock mass; re-fracturing and hydro-thermo-mechanical coupled processes in fractured rock mass; proppant flow and transport in geo-reservoirs; induced seismicity and CO2 sequestration.

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Chia-Ming Uang

Uang, Chia-Ming

Professor, SE

Earthquake engineering, seismic analysis and design of steel of structures, large-scale testing.

Yael Van Den Einde

Van Den Einde, Yael D.

Lecturer, SE

Lelli Van Den Einde is a Lecturer (LPSOE) in the Department of Structural Engineering at UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering.

Qiang Zhu

Zhu, Qiang

Assoc Prof, SE

Ocean engineering, biomechanics.

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