Department: NanoEngineering
Research Institute Affiliation: Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Kenneth S. Vecchio
Award(s): Best Literature Review Award

Primary Student
Name: Laura Michelle Andersen
Email: landerse@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-534-4100
Grad Year: 2015

Metallic glasses have exceptional wear resistance. Combined with their other attractive mechanical properties, this makes them ideal materials for a wide range of technological applications (i.e. gears, bearing, MEMS, biomaterials). However, these unique materials have yet to be used widely in commercial applications because we do not understand their fracture behavior. Here we propose how to design a bulk metallic glass with the minimum fracture toughness needed to make use of their exceptional wear resistance. Through an extensive investigation, we identify the optimal base composition to achieve maximum wear performance, while maintaining the high glass forming ability needed to make parts of a useful size. We also identified that this group of alloys shows exceptional wear resistance independent of the microalloying elements. This allows us to tailor the composition toward a high fracture resistant glass, while ensuring good wear properties. Next, we present a thorough study on the relative fracture toughness of bulk metallic glasses using a modified four-point-bend test based on ASTM standards E399 and C1421. These novel results provide a foundation for the necessary reliability data that will be required to use these materials for commercial engineering applications.

Industry Application Area(s)
Aerospace, Defense, Security | Materials

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