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CNS Research Review Talks Now Available for On-Demand Viewing

San Diego, CA, January 28, 2006 -- UCSD's Center for Networked Systems, a collaboration among the Jacobs School's Computer Science and Engineering as well as Electrical and Computer Engineering departments together with Calit2, held its half-yearly Research Review in Atkinson Hall Jan. 25-26, with presentations from CNS faculty as well as some of the center's corporate members. Topics ranged from broadband access and Internet epidemiology, to a status report on the many projects already underway within CNS.

Many of the presentations are now available for on-demand viewing from Calit2's Multimedia archives [Real player required]. Other Research Review presentations are reserved for viewing by CNS members only, and will be accessible shortly from the center's password-protected website (see Related Links below).

Amin Vahdat
Welcome and CNS Progress Report
Amin Vahdat, Director, CNS
Computer Science and Engineering
Length: 12:17 [video]
Geoff Voelker
Network Vivisection
Geoff Voelker, Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Length: 17:54 [video]
Broadband Access
Anthony Acampora, Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Length: 23:43 [video]
Doug Terry
Design and Analysis of a Peer-to-peer Replication Protocol for Windows
Doug Terry, Microsoft Research
Length: 28:48 [video]
Stefan Savage
Internet Epidemiology
Stefan Savage, Director
Collaborative Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses
Length: 16:31 [video]
Amin Vahdat
Agile, Efficient Resource Configuration and Scheduling with Virtual Clusters
Amin Vahdat, Director, CNS
Computer Science and Engineering
Length: 17:06 [video]
Alin Deutsch
The XGRID Processor
Alin Deutsch, Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Length: 13:00 [video]

Note: Because of technical difficulties, the first five minutes of Doug Terry's presentation are not available.

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