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7.11.14 U~T
Navy officials from San Diego are experimenting with the power of social media when U.S. troops respond to the damage caused by killer weather, earthquakes and tsunamis. While the Navy -- often the first U.S. force dispatched to the scene of a deadly natural disaster overseas -- has massive warships in its arsenal, the service has come to realize the force of an iPhone photo.

7.10.14 Tech Times
"Hack a Tesla and win $10K"
Those who register for the SyScan computer security conference next week are being offered a unique opportunity. Whoever most successfully hacks into the onboard computer of a Tesla Model S wins $10,000. Tesla Motors is known for having strong security measures. Drivers can easily report vulnerabilities or bugs directly to the company through its vulnerability disclosure program.

7.10.14 U~T
"Amazon Journal: UCSD returns to River of Doubt"
We have received an email from UC San Diego materials engineer Marc Meyers, who is in Brazil, preparing to retrace the path that Theodore Roosevelt followed 100 year ago during his famous 'River of Doubt' expedition. The journey will take Meyers north up the Paraguay River until he reaches Brazil, where he'll continue over land then up the River of Doubt in the Amazon. Roosevelt barely survived the journey, which he made with Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon.

7.3.14 Business Day Live
"VIDEO: Educational robot toy ready to wow SA children"
This robot is definitely not big enough to feature in a Star Wars movie, but table-top balancing robot MiP may soon be featuring in the lives of thousands of children across South Africa and China as low cost computing power opens up new educational possibilities with smart electronic devices. Exploring ways of bringing the fun back into learning for children was the inspiration for Richard Spicer, senior director of product planning at Wow-Wee

7.3.14 Business Insider
"This Successful Startup Founder Helped Create Google Street View When He Was 14"
Iain McClatchie, who worked as a camera technician lead for Google between 2006 and 2012, recently detailed his experience helping build Google Street View in a lengthy post on his personal blog. That intern was then 14-year-old Elliot Kroo, the founder and head of engineering at car rental app GetAround. He interned at Google as a software engineer between 2005 and 2008, and claims that he was the youngest intern to ever work at the company.

7.3.14 Toy News
"The Entertainer reveals its top ten toys and games for Christmas 2014"
"This year's list represents a movement towards more tech toys." Number 6: MiP Interactive Robot

6.30.14 San Diego Zoo Global
"Tracking Desert Tortoises "Drone Style""
One of the best new technologies to emerge as a tool for wildlife studies is the unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone. Without the need for a pilot on board, drones can fly into hard-to-reach areas and potentially monitor the presence of individual animals involved in a study around the clock. Several groups looking into the use of drones for conservation have already reported early successes.

6.26.14 Geek Beat TV
"CE Week TV 2014: WowWee MiP Robot and Elektro Kids"
Cali loves robots, and cute robots get extra points. The MiP from WowWee is definitely a CUTE robot. MiP stands for Mobile Inverted Pendulum, and it uses a gyro to stay upright on two parallel wheels, even when carrying something on a tray. MiP can run from a phone app, or by reading hand gestures. He's even got some great dance moves! Get two of them together and they can battle with a laser tag-like feature.

6.25.14 the Next Web
"Programming through play: Why teaching kids to code will change how the rest of us code"
I felt pretty jealous as I walked into the computer room of the elementary school I was visiting. The hulking PCs of my youth -- with their giant floppy disk drives and 8-bit copies of Oregon Trail -- were nowhere to be seen. Instead, children were happily tapping away at Photoshop and playing Web games on pristine, wafer-thin iMacs.

"UC San Diego and WowWee Toys create stem robot"
UC San Diego and WowWee Toys create stem robot

6.25.14 KUSI News
"UC San Diego, Dr. Anushka Michailova Memorial Award"
Dr. Anushka Michailova Memorial Award

6.25.14 CBS New York
"Industry Insiders Check Out The Latest And Greatest Gadgets At Consumer Electronics Week"
As CBS 2′s Cindy Hsu reported, the event gives industry insiders a chance to check out the latest and greatest gadgets and electronics. Features MiP Robot.

6.23.14 U~T
When is a fish not a fish? When you don't have to change the filter in the aquarium every two weeks. Meet UC San Diego student Kevin Liang, who wanted to solve the filter problem by turning his EcoQube aquaponics aquarium filter into a business. For guidance, he turned to the Moxie Center in the Jacobs School of Engineering.

6.18.14 Discovery News
"Cool Flames: Playing With Balls of Space Fire"
Making fire was a fundamental evolutionary step for our civilization, so you'd think that we'd totally understand the phenomenon inside and out by now. But, as experiments on the International Space Station (ISS) are proving, fire is a very different and mysterious creature when it burns in a microgravity environment.

6.17.14 PlugandPlayTC-Youtube
"Meet MiP by WowWee"
Meet MiP by WowWee - a robotic toy that reacts, follows, and dances at the wave of your hand.

6.16.14 CE Week
"Meet MiP by WowWee at the 2014 CE Week Exhibits!"
Beginning Wednesday, June 25th -- 26th at the CE Week exhibits in New York City...Meet MiP! Short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum, MiP is the latest innovation by WowWee, and the first in association with the Coordinated Robotics Lab at the University of California, San Diego. With its unique dual-wheel balancing, MiP is a fully interactive robot friend able to navigate its surroundings while controlled by hand movements using GestureSense technology.

6.13.14 Future Shop
" Meet the New MiP Robotic Companion from WowWee! "
This fun little robot from WowWee is set to knock your socks off! He works via hand gestures (using the new GestureSense Technology) and BLE (Bluetooth low energy) to talk to your wireless device (Note: MiP is compatible with newer iOS and Android smart devices). There's even a free App to help you control your MiP robot, and he's really quite a lot of fun once you've had a bit of practice using him! If you want to learn all about just how this little guy works, here is your chance.

6.12.14 Health Canal
"App paired with sensor measures stress and delivers advice to cope in real time"
Computer scientists at Microsoft Research and the University of California, San Diego have developed a system that combines a mobile application and sensor to detect stress in parents and delivers research-based strategies to help decrease their stress during emotionally charged interactions with their children. The system was initially tested on a small group of parents of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

6.12.14 KUSI News
"Gift ideas for Dad's"
Gift Ideas for Dad, MIP WowWee

6.11.14 Voice of San Diego
"Drone-Makers Ponder the Path to Friendlier Skies in California"
Turns out drone boosters are just like us. Drone-makers and experts seem to share a surprising number of concerns about their own devices as the general public. They worry a big drone crash could injure a civilian. Or that a big privacy breach could turn the public against their industry for good. They think the alphabet soup of acronyms sometimes used to describe certain drones is confusing. And they want to know if the crazy plotlines on "24" could happen in real life.

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