CSE 25th Anniversary

Friday, October 11, 2013

Approximately 400 people attended all or part of CSE's celebration marking the 25th anniversary of its becoming a separate department. In 1987, the department, led by first CSE Chair Walter Burkhard, started with 18 faculty members and approximately 200 graduate students. CSE's "birth" came a full six years after former faculty member Irwin Jacobs donated one of UCSD's two first endowed chairs with the stipulation that the chair could only be filled by a professor in a future Department of Computer Science. That first endowed chair lured Christos Papadimitriou from Stanford, and he was back at UCSD on Oct. 11 (having left CSE in 1996 for UC Berkeley) to give focus on the future of computer science – with a talk about emerging computational insights into the theory of evolution.

Other speakers invited to talk about the future were: former San Diego Supercomputer Center director (and CSE professor) Fran Berman, now at Rensselaer Polytechnic, who talked about building a sustainable environment for data-driven innovation; and current CSE Prof. Yoav Freund, whose talk on "artificial intelligence vs. intelligence amplification" led Freund to rephrase the question, "Can computers be intelligent?" He said the real question to ask is: "Can machines be conscious?"

Archived streaming videos of the talks and panel discussions are now available for on-demand viewing on YouTube (with individual links from the Agenda/Videos page), and photos of the 25th Anniversary proceedings can be viewed in the Image Gallery. CSE also developed a super-sized graphic timeline charting Computer Science at UCSD from 1965 to 2013; you can view or download the large-scale posters from the Timeline section of this website.

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Inquiries: CSE 25 Committee, cse-25committee@eng.ucsd.edu

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