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Class of the 2000s

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Date Submitted: 06/06/2012
Doug Hofmann, '04
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Engineering & Science Directorate, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institut

I received my Ph.D. in Materials Science from Caltech in 2008. I worked in industry after I graduated and in 2010, I was hired at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as the Section Technologist for Mechanical Fabrication. I founded the new Metallurgy Facility at JPL in 2012. I am a Lecturer and Visiting Associate at Caltech and I co-advise 4 Caltech graduate students in Materials Science and Applied Physics.

Date Submitted: 11/10/2012
Kiyoharu Miyagishima, '03
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Staff Scientist, National Institute of Health

Ph.D. (2010) Systems Biology and Disease, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. Current research focused on investigating the retinal pathways involved in "blue cone" mediated color vision and in characterizing retinal pigment epithelium transplants for potential to restore vision.

Edan, Neta and Amit Click here to view a larger image
Edan, Neta and Amit

Date Submitted: 06/28/2012
Edan Wernik, '03
Family Physician, Kaiser Permanente

I'm am a family physician practicing with Kaiser Permanente in San Jose. I'm married to Neta Retter (Electrical Engineering 2005) who works as a hardware designer for Broadcom. In December 2011 we welcomed to our family our first child, a beautiful baby boy by the name of Amit.

Date Submitted: 06/30/2012
Aaron Wang, '02
Resident, Johns Hopkins Hospital

After undergrad at UCSD and then med school at Stanford, I'm now starting ophthalmology residency at Johns Hopkins' Wilmer Eye Institute for the next three years (finish June 2015). I got married to a med school classmate (Vi) and now a proud father of a 4 month old baby boy, Aaden!

Date Submitted: 06/29/2012
Michael Houston, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Fellow, AMD

I've been at AMD for 5 years working on parallel architectures and programming models. I was the technical lead for OpenCL at AMD and then for HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture). I am now Chief Architect for one of AMD's processor programs. I'm married to Tina Wang (who I met at UCSD in the CS program) with 2 children, 1 & 3.

Date Submitted: 06/29/2012
Tina Wang, '01
Computer Science and Engineering
Associate, Haverstock & Owens LLP

I'm currently an attorney specializing in intellectual property. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two young children.