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Qualcomm Fellow-Mentor-Advisor (FMA) Fellowships

The Qualcomm Fellow-Mentor-Advisor Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship program for outstanding UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering doctoral students nominated by their Faculty Advisors.

Up to 4 FMA fellowships will be awarded this year.

The Program brings together teams which include an engineering Ph.D. candidate, his/her faculty advisor and an engineering mentor from Qualcomm. The goal is to foster in-depth connections between the Jacobs School faculty and Qualcomm engineers while enhancing the education of doctoral students.

Forms and Deadlines

Interest Statement Friday, February 7, 2014 at 5:00 pm
(If interested in mentor matching, please submit as early as possible and
prior to Friday, January 31, 2014.)
Application Friday, April 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm
Award Notification Friday, May 30, 2014

Provisions of the Award

This is a 12-month fellowship including:

  • 100 percent of the student's tuition and fees for one academic year.
  • 100 percent of the student's stipend for 12 months.
  • Discretionary funding to the Faculty Advisor's research program related to the research plan of the fellow, including funding for conference travel for fellow.
  • Total monetary value of the award is: $70,600.
  • Fellows will receive guidance from experienced Qualcomm Mentor.
  • Payment of the fellowship award, as described above, will be made directly to the university, and is not transferable to another academic institution or department.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants for the Qualcomm FMA must be nominated by their faculty advisor.
  • Student must be enrolled as a doctoral student in good standing within one of the six academic departments of the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering.
  • Students must have completed at least one year of study at UCSD in their doctoral program.
  • Student should be working in a research topic of interest to Qualcomm's future business development.
  • Final applications must have a Qualcomm Mentor identified (please see below).

Identifying a Qualcomm Mentor

  • Qualcomm Mentors are Qualcomm employees whose expertise is appropriate to the research project and who will be an integral member of the research team.
  • Qualcomm Mentors may be individuals with whom the Faculty Advisor already works.
  • In the case that a mentor is unknown, please indicate on Interest Statement. Qualcomm will circulate the Interest Statement to see if there is an appropriate engineering leader at Qualcomm who may want to serve as a mentor on the project.
  • If a mentor is identified, the Qualcomm Mentor will contact the Faculty Advisor so they can confirm mutual interests and possibly invite the faculty member to present a seminar at Qualcomm before the final application is submitted.

How to Apply

Step One: Interest Statement

Submit interest statement including a one-paragraph description of proposed student research project, and indication of whether a Qualcomm Mentor is identified or not.

Step Two: Application

  • Student's research project description (1-2 page), should be developed in consultation with Qualcomm Mentor.
  • Student Nominee's CV
  • Faculty Advisor's short CV (1-2 page)

Interest Statement and Applications should be submitted by the Faculty Advisor.

Selection Process

The Jacobs School will review applications to ensure they meet eligibility requirements for program. Qualcomm will review applications and make final award selections.

Inquiries: Lindy Nagata, (858) 822-2457

2013-14 FMA Winners

Faculty Advisor: Prabhakar Bandaru, MAE
Student Fellow: Hasan Faraby, ECE
Qualcomm Mentor: Michael DiBattista
Project Title: Optimizing Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Based Metal Deposition for Efficient Circuit Repair and Diagnostics
Faculty Advisor: Chung-Kuan Cheng, CSE
Student Fellow: Hao Zhuang, CSE
Qualcomm Mentor: Kambiz Samadi
Project Title: Low Power Datapath Synthesis for Monolithic 3D-ICs
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Kahng, CSE and ECE
Student Fellow: Tuck-Boon Chan, ECE
Qualcomm Mentor: Sorin Dobre
Project Title: Timing Corner Optimization for Design Implementation and Signoff in Advanced Process Nodes
Faculty Advisor: Gabriel Rebeiz, ECE
Student Fellow: Chih-Hsaing Ko, ECE
Qualcomm Mentor: Allen Tran
Project Title: Tunable Notch Filter with Dual-notch Characteristics in the 0.7 - 2.7 GHz Range

View All Past Winners